About Us

At Danella & Co. our goal is simple. To make a difference with what you buy, with using only biodegradable materials ie. Hemp and leather to create beautiful, simple pieces for everybody, every day, every occasion. Our pieces are all ethically made in Asutralia......by us. We don't mass produce as we prevent any unnecessary waste of any materials and/or stock.
Our brand came to life when 9yo Danella became obsessed with creating scrunchies. Danella started making clothes out of garbage bags, paper or whatever she could find from a very young age. She made ‘clothes’ for herself and her dolls (that she was never interested in playing with) and when she was lucky enough to receive her first sewing machine at 5yo...as they say “the rest is history”.
We're very passionate about making a change and encouraging others to do the same. We send out a free bamboo toothbrush, bamboo cotton face pad and bamboo cotton fresh food bag with every purchase. We like to think that every Hempie (Hemp + Scrunchie) you buy, you’re putting one less plastic toothbrush into our landfills and ocean that would've hung around for the next 400 years and let’s not forget one less plastic bag on our planet and one less fancy packaging that was only ever made to throw away.
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