Danella & Co.

Imagine a world with no pollution, no extinction of flora and fauna, no war, no hunger.
When Danella was 7yo, her class was given a task. It was to write a piece, using the topic: 
"If I was a Superhero, what super powers would I choose to have?"
Danella could've picked....to fly, to be invisible or even to have x-ray vision.
Instead, she chose to be kind.
Danella made up a comic style story, projecting her imagination of herself flying through the sky, spreading magic "Kind Glitter" over everyone so that everybody could be happy.
Fast forward three years later and Danella's little sister, Deylah, is asked to write a speech using the same topic. Deylah decided to recycle her older sister's great idea of spreading kindness.
They discussed and exchanged ideas on how the world would look like if we all could spread kindness as fast as we could, if we were Superheros.
There would be no hunger as the people who had more, would kindly share their food with the hungry.
No animals would be hunted for, in the name of sport and in result, extinction would not exist if kindness in people's hearts would make them fully aware that this was not the right thing to do.
Fruits, vegetables and plants would naturally be fresher as chemicals wouldn't have been invented, resulting in healthier food for the  consumption of both humans and animals.
There would be no pollution as people would be more conscious of their waste.
There would be no war.
As I tuned into every word of Danella and Deylah's discussions.
They made me realize.....we all have this super power.
The power to be kind.
The ability to make a difference.
It's in all of us.
Our small acts of kindness may not change our world as fast as Danella's magic "Kind Glitter" did in her story, however it can make a difference.
"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world"
- Howard Zinn
Drawing By: 7yo, Danella, 2018.